6. Clichés vs. Analogies

mosquitoClichés vs. Analogies/Word Pictures

EXPLANATION: We use clichés all the time, so they are a natural part of our writing and communication, but because they have actually been somewhat memorized by everyone, they can often seem overused, even boring or lacking in original thought.  A good thing to keep in mind for your own writing is not to depend too much on clichés (e.g. better safe than sorry) but rather to invent your own new descriptive expressions, your own creative analogies and word pictures. 

–Just for fun, can you guess how first-graders creatively completed these common clichés below?


1-Don’t change horses  ____________________________________

2-Strike while the ______________________________________

3-It’s always darkest before _________________________________

4- Never underestimate the power of _________________________________

5-You can lead a horse to water but ___________________________________________

6-Don’t bite the hand that __________________________________________

7-No news is _________________________________

8-A miss is as good as ______________________________

9-You can’t teach an old dog new ____________________________

10-If you lie down with the dogs, __________________________________

11-Love all, trust ___________________

12-The pen is mightier than ____________________

13-An idle mind is _______________________________

14-Where there’s smoke, there’s _______________________

15-Happy the bride who _______________________________

16-A penny saved is _________________________________________

17-Two’s company, three’s _____________________________

18-Don’t put off till tomorrow what __________________________________

19-Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and _____________________________

20-There are none so blind as _____________________________

21-Children should be seen and not _____________________________________

22-If at first you don’t succeed, ______________________________________________

23-You get out of something only what _____________________________________

24-When the blind lead the blind, _____________________________________

25-A bird in the hand is ________________________________________

26-Better late than _________________________