2. My List

guitarraMy List
1-My name is Beatriz Rayo Chao.
2- I have 18 years.
3- My home town is Cuauhtémoc, named after our bravest Mexica leader, who refused to surrender even when the invading Spaniards tortured him by burning his feet.
4-I went to the capital of my state, Chihuahua for study guitar classical.
5-I lived in an internado, a place where you can get room and board while are attending school.
6-I took care of the internado rabbits to pay for my dormitory room.
7-I have the nickname China because I look to my Chinese mom whose surname is Chao.
8-I like my dad’s surname, Rayo, because means “thunderbolt.”
9-I have three brothers and one sister: Juan, Victor, Bruz, and Ramona.
10-I love to drink what we call it “agua,” which means “water,” but we flavor it with mango, watermelon, or other juices.


Reader Comments: After we write something, and it can be in many forms, both informal and formal (even something like a text or a Facebook post), isn’t it nice when someone actually reads and comments on what we’ve written? Let’s practice with this “My List,” of personal details written by Beatriz. Study each of her 10 sentences. Pretend you’re actually talking to her. Ask a question or write a comment about each one. Here’s an example for #1: How do you pronounce your names? Do you have a nickname? I have three names too, Timothy Ray Conrad, and my middle name is almost the same as yours.



*Editing & Revising Help: It can be a big plus to get someone else to help us spot typos or give other kinds of suggestions, like about better word choices or writing style. This “My List” by Beatriz is her brainstorming. It’s not a final draft. What do you notice about things that need changing, and what do you think might have caused her language errors?


Your Turn:  In your own personal notebook (paper or digital) compose your own ten-sentence My Listincluding interesting details, thoughts, and experiences that will help your classmates get to know you better:

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