23. Summary, “Driverless Cars”

carsThe research paper, “Driverless Cars,” by Douglas Barnes, discusses the pros and cons of autonomous vehicles.  Barnes first describes how soon in the future that driverless cars will be implemented for the general public. From Barnes’ research, he believes that by 2020 at least one million driverless cars will be on the road.  Barnes then goes through many of the positive effects of having an automated vehicle. Some of the positive effects were things such as people being able to more effectively use commute time and lowering the environmental impact because many of these cars will be powered by electricity.  However, he also touches on the negative consequences of using driverless cars.  For example, they could be susceptible to hacking or malfunction, causing harm to those outside and within the vehicle. Overall, Barnes sums up his paper by giving us hope for the future of the effectiveness of self-driving cars. For Barnes, the future seems bright: “The question is no longer if driverless cars will be available, but when, and with the thought that that they might be able to save 27,000 American lives every year, means that there is a certain civic duty to see how they can fit into daily life.”

–Gaige Jordan, EN 1010, Fall Semester 2018