21. More Prefaces

aboutBelow are more examples of interesting ways to write prefaces about papers you will be submitting for your final portfolio collection of your top ten essays (both shorter and longer submissions).  Remember to keep everything you write for this class, activities, shorter papers and your longer essays.  You can also include in your portfolio papers you’ve written in other places or for other classes.  You can place your prefaces in front of each of your individual submissions, or you might want to create a table of contents at the beginning of your writing portfolio with another opening page where you put all of your ten prefaces so readers can perhaps select to read particular papers that meet their own particular interests.

*Here’s an example about how to write a preface by one of your classmates, Brittany:

PREFACE: This is a reflection about the most significant experience of my life so far, a one-year program called “Design and Innovation Course” which was introduced in my college by the instructor from the ME310 class in Stanford University. The meaning of this program is that “we think there may be an opportunity to design something that improves the quality of life for …” What’s more, I had a chance to experience a one-week international cooperation in California, which was my first time abroad and it inspired me to study abroad.

Here’s Jacqueline’s preface: 


I got the inspiration and idea to write about my trip to Iceland because of how much I grew from when I went there. I was away from my parents for the first time and it really taught me to be more in charge of myself. Being in Iceland taught me something that I didn’t know was a part of me.

Gaige Jordan:

Preface: I got the idea for this subject because these two classes I talk about in the paper drastically changed my worldview and future plans. I talk a lot about stories and interests in the paper, probably because I don’t actually remember specific conversations but I’ve kept every single note from both years and they are always interesting to review.

Magnificent Maui Moments

The Preface

At first, it was hard to choose a topic. I have been to many places and experienced significant things, but I was not sure any of them would be the right topic for this paper. My time in Maui was something that I cherish now, more than I did when I was actually on the island. I wish I could go back and ‘live’ it more than I did, but that is all in hindsight. This paper is about the adventures I had on my senior trip to the island of Maui, with four of my closest friends. I hope you can see how much fun I had and the adventures that Maui may have in store for you.

Kelli Kerner


New Fork, Samuel Miller  [with the preface italicized]

–I believe that experience is an extremely important aspect of life. Not only do you learn important life lessons, but the amount of experience you have determines how much respect you will receive. You gain experience through different events that occur in your lifetime. I have observed that people tend to learn more and gain more respect from negative experiences. I believe that I have also gained a large amount of experience, but through a positive event. In this essay, I will describe my time working at a Boy Scout Camp in the Wyoming, Wind Rivers. I have experienced har work, and I have learned how to survive the wilderness. I am a better person because of it.

I have been a Boy Scout for about 6 years now. I was lucky enough to start out as a