18. The Gerrymander 5K

Directions:  Look at the following introduction paragraph for a significant experience essay.  See if you can find the following:  the topic, the significant experience, the issue, details supporting the author’s ideas:

The Gerrymander 5K, –Jeremy Markovich

The Gerrymander 5K wasn’t even a 5K. It was a quarter mile too long. It wasn’t timed. There was no exact finish line. The beginning was improvised. “I’ve never done this before,” shouted the starter, “so let’s just do 1-2- 3 go, OK?” I knew going in that the race wasn’t meant to be competitive. It was a publicity gimmick, dreamed up by the League of Women Voters in Asheville, North Carolina, to draw attention to what it considered an illustrative example of gerrymandering by the state legislature. The race course, which featured a slightly sadistic series of speed-sucking hills and tight turns, followed the meandering dividing line between North Carolina’s 10th and 11th congressional districts, challenging for the runners, but perfect if you were running your campaign as a candidate for the party in power at that time.  You don’t have to do a 5K, but do some research if your state is proposing an independent commission to decide fair and logical voting districts.